Across the Principal’s Desk…Shoes and Open House

Aug 11

Dr. Shane Rayburn is the principal at Oakwood Elementary School in Oakwood, GA. OES is a Title I school that has worked extremely hard to be a place where all children and staff are empowered to embrace the leader within. And he happens to use and love Core Essentials! It’s open house.  An energy reverberates the hallways.  Doors are open and a flood of storied...

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The Elephant in the Room

Aug 08

Chronicles of a FIRST YEAR Core Essentials School: Follow their journey as they take an already invested group of educators and equip them with the common language and Core Essential tools to change the values culture! Every school, organization, team, group, or relationship has it. That reputation, stereotype, sometimes misconception/sometimes harsh...

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Today is the FIRST of many this 2012-2013 school year!

Aug 07

This morning we head to train our first of many schools this 2012-2013 school year. We are excited that it is in our own backyard and with a school we will be able to have an ongoing relationship with. Just because your school/staff may be miles or states away from us here in the Peach State, doesn’t mean however that we can’t have a great mentoring...

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Pinterest Idea of the Week:

Aug 06 We pinned this one on our BIG Three Pinterest board and we can’t stop dreaming of variations you could apply to this one! You should certainly read the details of how this blogger used the “secret mission” to inspire kids to do acts of kindness for people in their lives. The summed up...

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How to ENGAGE your whole staff in using Core Essentials

Aug 04

It is no secret that the first few weeks of school are hectic. Teachers are frantic with never enough time or resources to get their classrooms ready in order to welcome sunburned faces and out of routine students. Your bus drivers are learning new routes and new residents. Lunchroom staff and janitorial crews are checking things off their list in order to have it...

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