Promise for PEACE: in High School

Feb 20

Students at Richmond High School in Richmond, Indiana, have been showing how the Core Essential Values play out in their 1600-student school. Their influence team of students invited others to make a promise for PEACE: proving you care more about each other than winning an argument. Richmond High School has been a 2-year pilot school for the soon to be released,...

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Feb 04

EVERY faculty or staff member in a school is OVERLOADED with tasks. Laura McCain, a counselor at Highland Elementary in Owensboro, Kentucky, has taken our program and condensed some ideas for her teachers. Below is her “Peace Out” email to faculty. In essence she’s customizing it for her school! Laura BELIEVES and SEES what a difference a values...

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Jan 17

In honor of DETERMINATION (deciding it’s worth it to finish what you started) and the animal of the month, McCall Elementary School students are practicing what they’ve learned about the value this month by trying to adopt 6 penguins at the Ft. Worth Zoo. The students have already adopted 4 and have almost made our goal in money donations to adopt 2...

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What I Am

Oct 24

Sometimes a two minute song sums it all up – especially with the help of Sesame Street. Discovering who you are meant to be so you can make a difference. We hope you’ll share this fun song just like our friends at Bermudian Springs Elementary School in Pennsylvania shared with...

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An Anchor Chart Worth Sharing

Oct 08

Making the Values VISIBLE and something to GROW on An Anchor Chart Worth Sharing Anchor Charts are great ways to engage students in a topic, using their help to create the poster and then referring to it as situations arise in the classroom. It can be a simple tool that turns big concepts into concrete chunks that may be easier for kids to remember. Consider the...

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