An Anchor Chart Worth Sharing

Oct 08

Anchor Chart

Making the Values VISIBLE and something to GROW on
An Anchor Chart Worth Sharing

Anchor Charts are great ways to engage students in a topic, using their help to create the poster and then referring to it as situations arise in the classroom.
It can be a simple tool that turns big concepts into concrete chunks
that may be easier for kids to remember.

Consider the above picture/chart and the potential it has to help students and teachers dive deeper into each value. As they create the poster, discuss the topics, and then aim their behavior to model the end result.

The subsections are where we want to focus –
Today I am
So that I can
I’ll know I’ve got it when…

What if it read like this, using October’s value of Individuality as an example:


Today I am…
discovering who I am meant to be

So that I can…
make a difference

I’ll know I’ve got it when…
I can identify things I am good at and can offer my abilities
to my class, friends, and teacher.

Because I see me as an important and unique part of this team.