And they’re OFF! – Chronicles of a FIRST YEAR Core Essentials School

Aug 28

Chronicles of a FIRST YEAR Core Essentials School: Follow their journey as they take an already invested group of educators and equip them with the common language and Core Essential tools to change the values culture!

The majority of school systems in our area have started back to school this week. As part of the new relationship we have with one local school, Lyman Hall Elementary, we got in on the hype of open house and pre planning teacher work days! There may or may not have been a few late-nighters pulled here recently…my kitchen floor may or may not have been covered in butcher paper and tempra paint…paper cuts and early alarm clocks may or may not have surprised a few of us…but let there be no mistaking what so ever – the ENERGY, HOPE, and EXPECTATIONS of what is to come has us all on cloud nine – teachers, staff, and Core Essential specialists included!

Our focus with LHES as first year Core Essential users is getting a concrete, strong BIG THREE foundation. Whether your school has used Core in the past or you too are brand new to the scene, we highly recommend this approach. We know how busy the first few weeks are and we know that no matter where you are, “rules” are a vital part of what setting up the school year/classroom for success hinges upon.  Here are some creative ways we are trying to go above and beyond with the message of The BIG Three:

* designate some area in your school halls as The BIG Three hallway – using butcher paper and paint display large different posters of the number 3 all over – graffiti it, add balloons and other attention getters but don’t spell it out completely…add posters that say “Ask your teacher about THE BIG THREE” and really peek their interest (while creating an accountability factor for all teachers and staff to buy in and know before they are asked what The BIG Three are – sneaky huh!?!)

* have kids utilize the coloring sheet (under the visual resources folder) and post them all around The BIG Three hallway display mentioned above (in a common area seen by all)

* be sure to check out the “I Spy” and scavenger hunt ideas for K-2 and 3-5 in the teaching resources folder and then use pictures from that to decorate bulletin boards or attach to a school newsletter

* make a copy of your class “rules” and leave enough space to cut each rule off, like a strip of paper – then have kids decide individually or in groups where they think each of the classroom rules fit as it pertains to The BIG Three

* honor a student EACH day with a BIG Three certificate (under the visual resources folder) and make a huge deal out of them and the ways they treated others right, made smart decisions, and maximized their potential…won’t that be a fun, healthy competition once it gets started?!?!

* try to be intentional when you go to places like the lunchroom, bathroom, recess or bus to reiterate that The BIG Three are expected everywhere and at all times…try to catch kids in these places making good choices and make an even bigger deal out of them…also be specific as far as ways to show each of The BIG Three expectations when in such a scenario



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