From a Teacher: Chronicles of a FIRST YEAR Core Essentials School

Oct 24

Chronicles of a FIRST YEAR Core Essentials School: Follow their journey as they take an already invested group of educators and equip them with the common language and Core Essential tools to change the values culture! This post is written by Krystal Parker, a 5th grade teacher at LHE. As this school year started I was very excited to be part of implementing Core...

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One Principal’s Love for Literature and Values

Oct 10

Carol Hahn is the principal of West Friendship Elementary in West Friendship, Maryland. Her love of literature combined with her passion about the values that Core Essentials teaches has given her the platform to be a featured guest blogger here and allows us to brag on how she and so many are making values visible! Take it away Carol… From the time we are...

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Pinterest Idea of the Week

Sep 26

Pinned on several of our boards (preschool included) is a picture/idea linking you to this blog/activity: While name painting can be fun…ok – what painting isn’t fun?!?! Our aim at pointing this link out specifically is to put a values spin on it…of course! Consider downloading the...

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Wrap up September – howl at the MOON!

Sep 24

You may or may not have had the chance this month to use our suggested Celebrating Character ideas. Some of these ideas and mentions throughout the teaching guide for RESPECT focused on the wolf (our animal for the month) and their tendencies to “Howl at the Moon.” We thought it a perfect time to tie in studying about phases of the moon. Here are two...

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Parents are Saying…

Sep 15

“My daughter Pairlon came home last night with a Chick-fil-a Valueable Coupon and on the back it had the CE values with one specific one highlighted.  The highlighted one was what her teacher “caught” her displaying towards her peers so she was rewarded.  As a parent, it’s such a blessing to be a part of a school family that has the same...

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