Self-Control and Decision Making

Jan 17

I watched a TED talk today that has glued itself to my brain. The speaker’s name is Ruth Chang, and she is a philosopher. How cool is that?! Her talk was on hard choices, and she had plenty to say about how we balance and weigh sides in tough choices. It was pretty interesting. But then, at the 12-minute mark, she said this: “When we choose between...

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We see you’re short on time, and we care enough to help!

Dec 11

Since we’re sure you are crazy busy this month, we’ll keep it quick. Here’s a video to show. You can use this during your holiday party, or when weather doesn’t permit heading outside for recess. And because it’s the season of giving, here’s another one, just for you! Check this out if you need some reasons that compassion is important in your classroom. You...

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Service in a Show

Nov 12

Hey, there. Thanksgiving’s almost here. Then there’s a few days of whirlwind (pageant, choir performance, parties, finals, shopping, deep breath), then winter break. In the middle somewhere, we drop off some canned goods or make an end-of-the-year donation to a worthy cause. Whew. Trust me, I know it can be exhausting. I’m tired just thinking about...

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Acts of Service vs. Lifestyle of Service

Nov 04

The eye roll. Anyone with kids older than preschool has seen it. In my house, with two girls (third and sixth grade), we have the eye roll down to an art. Me: Could you please pick up your clothes off the floor next to the laundry basket and put them in the laundry basket? Them: Eye roll. Me: While I get dinner ready, could you please fill the glasses with water?...

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Better Than Black Friday!

Oct 26

Even though we are only 3 months into the school year, we’re ready to make room in our warehouse for new items. For one week only, the following products will be 40% off! Don’t wait! Sale begins tonight at midnight and ends Monday, November 2nd at 11:59 pm.   Re:Connect Posters                         Regular Price: $60     SALE: $36 100...

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