The Mystery Child

Oct 23

  Each child is different. And so is each parent’s way of dealing with their individual children. We welcome writer, Tim Walker, from, as he writes about individuality from a parent’s perspective.    the mystery child   when i was a kid, i wanted to be joe hardy from the hardy boys. well, to be perfectly honest, i wanted to be...

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We’re All Unique, Just Like Everyone Else

Oct 15

At some time in a child’s life, someone has had to explain to them that every person is different.  Every child is unique and that’s what makes them special.  These conversations happen every day in classrooms across the country.  It’s important.  We want to raise a generation that celebrates and values each other’s differences. My family has a lot in common. We...

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Individuality and Sense of Self

Oct 06

My kids are 8 and 11 years old, so for the past several years the month of October has looked about the same for me. From October 1st until about the 20th, each of my girls spends 80% of her day thinking about what she might be for Halloween. At least twice a week, our dinner conversations revolve around what they want “to be” and how they might best costume...

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Back to School!

Jul 24

It’s that time…back to school! Three words. So simple, yet these three words spark very different responses from different people. And I’ve got proof. I asked a dozen of my friends to tell me, in five words or less, what they think when they hear those three words. Some of these friends are stay at home moms and dads, some work from home and some work out of...

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You’re A Rockstar, Preschool Teacher

Jul 01

Hey Preschool Teachers. Yeah, all of you. Do you know how awesome you are? You are more than goldfish crackers and finger paint. You believe it’s important for kids to play, to make friends, to learn how to interact with others around them. You teach lessons in 3 seconds flat because wait, there’s a thunderstorm that just popped up and now you have to give out hugs....

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