The Happiest Person I’ve Ever Met

Mar 31

Just recently, a community in suburban Atlanta lost a man who had been employed at the local Target store for many years. One of Core Essential’s friends, April Bagwell, wrote about his impact for us. April Bagwell has a heart for kids. As a mom, former elementary and current middle school counselor, she sees their wins, their losses, their hurt, and their...

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Ready for 2017-2018?!

Feb 24

I know what you’re thinking — next year, already? Here at Core Essential Values, we are already planning for next year’s curriculum, and we can’t wait any longer to tell you about it. Here are some deets: Our new values for next year have been posted. Check them out here: 2017-2018 values We know you LOVE the weekly videos, but sometimes...

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Courage Videos

Oct 25

Check out this month’s videos to share with families! There are two videos on our YouTube channel this month to help your families learn more about courage together, featuring Artie the Monkey and the Science Station! Subscribe to the channel to get access to new videos each month (subscribe...

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Cooperation: Working together to do more than you can do alone.

Feb 08

It’s true. If you work together, you can do more than you can do alone. Sounds elementary, right? It may be but how often do we forget that simple fact? We wanted to remind you — and give you great ways to remind your students — just why working together to do more than you can do alone...

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Self-Control and Decision Making

Jan 17

I watched a TED talk today that has glued itself to my brain. The speaker’s name is Ruth Chang, and she is a philosopher. How cool is that?! Her talk was on hard choices, and she had plenty to say about how we balance and weigh sides in tough choices. It was pretty interesting. But then, at the 12-minute mark, she said this: “When we choose between...

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We see you’re short on time, and we care enough to help!

Dec 11

Since we’re sure you are crazy busy this month, we’ll keep it quick. Here’s a video to show. You can use this during your holiday party, or when weather doesn’t permit heading outside for recess. And because it’s the season of giving, here’s another one, just for you! Check this out if you need some reasons that compassion is important in your classroom. You...

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