Back to School!

Jul 24

It’s that time…back to school! Three words. So simple, yet these three words spark very different responses from different people. And I’ve got proof. I asked a dozen of my friends to tell me, in five words or less, what they think when they hear those three words. Some of these friends are stay at home moms and dads, some work from home and some work out of...

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You’re A Rockstar, Preschool Teacher

Jul 01

Hey Preschool Teachers. Yeah, all of you. Do you know how awesome you are? You are more than goldfish crackers and finger paint. You believe it’s important for kids to play, to make friends, to learn how to interact with others around them. You teach lessons in 3 seconds flat because wait, there’s a thunderstorm that just popped up and now you have to give out hugs....

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What’s New With Us? So Glad You Asked…

Jun 24

We here at Core Essential Values are hard at work editing and designing this year’s curriculum. You’ll be able to see it for yourself in just a couple of weeks, but we’re too excited to wait for that! Here’s a list of a few things that are new or different this year in our bigger, better, most inclusive curriculum yet! First, our value word...

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The BIG IDEA Experience

Oct 14

22,400 elementary age kids. 60 elementary schools. Those numbers alone sound a little intimidating. But, when you have a mission, those numbers just give you chill bumps. Debbie and Dan Kubish get chill bumps almost daily.   Debbie and Dan lead the children’s ministry at Newspring Church in Wichita, Kansas. They dreamed about partnering with public schools in a...

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Out Punt Your Coverage

Sep 10

I’m not really knowledgeable about football, but I know that kicking a punt past the guy who is supposed to catch it is a really good thing…for the kicking team, that is. The phrase “out punting your coverage” is used to describe that exact situation. I use that phrase, too, but usually to describe a couple that I wouldn’t have guessed were...

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Music Bridges The Gap

Apr 17

Have you seen kids light up when a One Direction/Justin Bieber/Taylor Swift song is played? Can you believe elementary age kids sing right along? What about parents who automatically start singing along when an ‘Nsync or Backstreet Boys song is played?   The creative crew at Southside Baptist Church in Warner Robins, Georgia picked up on it.   Their...

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