“Do I HAVE to??”

Sep 09


As a parent, I hear that phrase ALL. THE. TIME. As a teacher and counselor, I’ll bet you hear it a lot, too.

Responsibilities┬ácan feel so boring — taking the dishes out of the dishwasher, raking leaves in the fall — or they can feel so weighty — taking care of a loved one in need, watching someone else’s children. Even the word itself brings to mind things we HAVE to do (insert kid with slouched shoulders and an eye roll here).

What if we flip that, though? What if today’s responsibilities are opening doors for tomorrow’s opportunities? Could it be that if I can be trusted to do what I’m asked today, I might get the opportunity to do more tomorrow? For example, if I am trusted with completing a task at work and do it well, aren’t I just showing my leaders that I can be trusted with what they’ve given me?

Think this month about using the “get to” instead of “have to” language with kids. If they successfully do what they “have to”, eventually they will be trusted with what they “get to.”

So, tell us…what responsibility would you love to “get to” do someday — this month or in the future? (let us know at @cevalues or facebook.com/cevalues.

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