“Fall” in LOVE with Families

Oct 03

C.O.R.E. Family Ezine

Monthly C.O.R.E. Family Ezine

“Fall” in LOVE with Families this season…
Using the Family Resources

As an educator, parents and families have always been a part of my job.
But that was just it – they were a part – and existed in the “box” that I placed
them in.
Just weeks ago I took my first born to her first day of preschool. I’d checked
all the “right” things before signing her up at this particular school. They scored high marks in my book on things like curriculum content and safety and supervision, etc. It wasn’t until these first few weeks subsided and we were in a routine that I discovered quite possibly my favorite part of this little school. Ready…it’s their attention to authentically knowing and interacting with kids
and their parents.

It isn’t rocket science. I’m not suggesting that you (or they) host parent events every week or break the bank trying to impress them. Nope. It’s the way they
know my child’s name, greet us in the hallways each morning with happy faces, look us in the eye and talk to us, communicate via emails and newsletters
each week, and notice the little things my sweet girl does while in their care –
and then they share it with me!

Core Essentials understands that time is of the essence. We know your plates aren’t just full, they are overflowing. Sometimes due to the overflow, we overlook things we have in our possession that will make a big difference. Our family resources section is full of tools to make parent communication consistent and effortless. It essentially is copying and pasting or clicking print. Consider falling in love with families this fall as you use the resources we provide to take interest in their family and show that you care.