Honesty: One Square at a Time

Feb 26

4th Grade Student Self Portrait

We welcome a new blog writer, Mr. R!                                                                                  Mr. R is an elementary art teacher with a fun blog of his own. It probably was the name of his blog that first attracted us to him — “My Messy Art Room.” Periodically, Mr. R will share his ideas and his kids’ art work to further inspire you to make the monthly value VISIBLE in your school too! Enjoy his blog as well: http://mymessyartroom.blogspot.com

“I have used the value words from Core Essentials and was given the opportunity to utilize them in my art classroom and throughout my lessons — and to share with others!
One of the words was Honesty: Choosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do. After talking with my 4th grade students, we decided that a self-portrait is one of the most honest things that can be created in Art. When creating a self-portrait, you really have to be honest with yourself because there is no changing what you look like.
And, as it turns out, it just so happens that our librarian has a really great book on Chuck Close (for those of you who may not know, he is known for doing portraits and self-portraits). The book is titled, Chuck Close: Face Book. My students and I looked at his book for our inspiration.

We started our project using a grid system. They used 9″x12″ white paper and a ruler and made a 1-inch grid and outlined it with a Sharpie. Then they started to draw their self-portraits. I had them create a line drawing of their face. Then, I asked the students to be honest with themselves and think about the things that are important to them in their daily lives. I asked them to turn each grid square into a letter that would make up a word (I asked that the examples they used not be materialistic items).
I am posting a couple of the best examples so far, and when the portraits are finished, I will post them again. Thanks for looking!”

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