Music Bridges The Gap

Apr 17

Have you seen kids light up when a One Direction/Justin Bieber/Taylor Swift song is played? Can you believe elementary age kids sing right along? What about parents who automatically start singing along when an ‘Nsync or Backstreet Boys song is played?


The creative crew at Southside Baptist Church in Warner Robins, Georgia picked up on it.


Their team thought; what if we were to leverage that love for and familiarity of music with the monthly values that they talk about in church and their neighboring elementary schools center their culture around?


Before long, they created songs and videos that parody popular songs. These parodies are re-written to emphasize each month’s value.  They were AMAZED at the response.  Parents were replaying these videos at work for co-workers to see, and passing them along on social media sites. Kids were playing them over and over again.


The Children’s Ministry team began providing those public schools with a secular monthly School XP production using their videos within the assembly.  With the addition of their music, the values “stick” a little more and in their town alone, over 1000 kids are signing along to the music videos and learning through the XP monthly assemblies.


In the true act of giving, the team at Southside Baptist Church shared their fun work with Core Essential Values. Now hundreds of schools across the country have access to another entertaining way to have the monthly value stick! In fact, they’ve passed the 100,000 view mark!


Thanks to the generosity of these community partners, their 2-3 minute videos help give schools across the world the ability to influence their culture.


Thanks to Drew Cook and Matt Walls at Southside Baptist Church in Warner Robins, Georgia for bridging the gap and entertaining us all.


View April (Friendship: spending time with someone you trust and enjoy) and May’s (Patience: waiting until later for what you want now) music video for yourself and click here to the link that connects you to all the monthly videos.

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