From a Teacher: Chronicles of a FIRST YEAR Core Essentials School

Oct 24

Chronicles of a FIRST YEAR Core Essentials School: Follow their journey as they take an already invested group of educators and equip them with the common language and Core Essential tools to change the values culture! This post is written by Krystal Parker, a 5th grade teacher at LHE.

As this school year started I was very excited to be part of implementing Core Essentials in our building. I was excited that we would be using a values curriculum and that the language being used would be common throughout the school. I believe in the importance of teaching character education and as an educator I saw Core Essentials as an excellent tool for us to use. Core Essentials provides classroom teachers with easy to implement ideas and activities to focus on for each of the value words. In August, my students enjoyed learning about the Big 3. It was so exciting to hear the language of Core Essentials being used by my fifth graders. Often times I would hear them resolving minor conflicts with conversations that consisted of things like, “Are you treating her right?” or “I’m sorry I didn’t make a smart decision.” It was so encouraging to hear these things and know that their attitudes and the Big 3 were having a positive effect on their behavior. I found that my students shared in my excitement and were completely on board with the Big 3. My class even won the Big 3 Award (a distinction our school made up that could be earned as a class as well as by an individual) for the first month because they showed that they were maximizing their potential by being a part of having our morning announcements televised for the first time in the schools’ history!

As we completed the first month of school I was anxious to see what Core Essentials had to offer for the first value word that we would be focusing on. September was full of R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Each day I was able to take a few minutes before we began our instructional day to share with my students a connection to the value. Starting each day off this way had a positive impact on my students’ behavior. I have found that Core Essentials provides teachers with easy to implement resources in the classroom, has a positive impact on student behavior, and creates an excitement for learning value words while following up with the most important, action. I look forward to implementing Core Essentials in my classroom the remainder of the year and providing my students with opportunities to learn about values that will make a difference in their life.

Written by: Krystal Parker, 5th grade teacher Lyman Hall Elem.