Out Punt Your Coverage

Sep 10

I’m not really knowledgeable about football, but I know that kicking a punt past the guy who is supposed to catch it is a really good thing…for the kicking team, that is. The phrase “out punting your coverage” is used to describe that exact situation. I use that phrase, too, but usually to describe a couple that I wouldn’t have guessed were together, as in, “Wow, she’s gorgeous and he’s a big nerd. Looks like he out punted his coverage.” You get the point.

At Re:Connect, we are suggesting that you start out the school year with your influence team in hopes of out punting your coverage. Don’t set any expectations school-wide or administratively as to what you hope to accomplish as a team. Don’t make an announcement over the PA that this cool, new group is in town and about to take over the world. In fact, don’t make any announcement at all.

Just show up. In the cafeteria, assembly, event, or whatever you plan for your first month. Let questions and anticipation build. When asked what you are doing there, just say you thought it would be a fun way to talk about courage, or honor, or whatever.

Make sure you are underestimated, so when you nail a kick, you’ve out punted your coverage.

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