Pinterest Idea of the Week:

Aug 06

We pinned this one on our BIG Three Pinterest board and we can’t stop dreaming of variations you could apply to this one!

You should certainly read the details of how this blogger used the “secret mission” to inspire kids to do acts of kindness for people in their lives. The summed up version is that with a sharpie and manila envelope marked with a students name and the phrase “TOP SECRET” all of a sudden you can create energy that sends kids on a meaningful mission.

Included in their “mission packet” is a list of ideas for them to think on as they consider doing random acts of kindness, a sheet to keep track of for whom and what they did, and of course…dollar store, black detective sunglasses! How cool!

Our initial thought was what a great way to send The BIG Three home this August as you kick off the school year and your school-wide expectations of:

Treating others right

Making smart decisions

Maximizing your potential

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