Pinterest Idea of the Week

Aug 14

This pin from our Big Three board has our brains running in all sorts of directions! It is an “out of this world” idea for once again, reiterating and teaching The BIG Three. Instead of following these directions exactly, consider having the children trace their hands while they hold up just THREE fingers…see where we are going with this?!?!

In front of the class or written on the back or told to a neighbor – kids can then use their portraits depicting them with their THREE fingers proudly raised in space in order to help them explain to an “alien” what The BIG Three are all about. You see the point is, if an alien has never heard of The BIG Three (poor alien!) how would you describe it to him? Simplicity and clarity is key and will really help you see as their teacher/leader if they understand the concepts of treating others right, making smart decisions, and maximizing their potential or not.

What a fun display to feature in your halls as you communicate to the rest of the school that your class gets it!


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