Team Effort

Apr 09

You might not put churches and schools together as team partners — but it’s becoming a powerful way to impact kids and families. Macon-Hall Elementary, just outside of Memphis, Tennessee, has reaped huge rewards because of their partnership with neighboring Heartsong Church.

Three years ago, Stephanie Behymer, the Director of Children’s Ministries at Heartsong, reached out to the school to see how they might help. After a discussion with the principal, the church offered to do a School XP assembly. Once a month, a small group of encouraging volunteers and staff, with the name Virtue Quest, entertain the whole school around the monthly value word and definition. The faculty and staff of Macon Hall also used the Core, K-5th Grade, program to reinforce the value and definition throughout the month. The church even sends a group of volunteers (Virtue Quest Readers), to the school to read  the value book selections to all Kindergarten – 3rd grade classrooms – that’s over 350 kids!

The doors opened wider.

Recently, in addition to performing their regular School XP assemblies, the church began a free tutoring and mentoring program! Macon-Hall Elementary began referring students to the church’s program and they use the common language of the value and definition throughout their time with the students.

It hasn’t stopped there either. The tutoring and mentoring program is based in a Virtue Quest house on the church’s campus. Donations have taken care of chairs, desks, curriculum, money to pay the tutoring director, etc. The school ordered some educational curriculum to use during the tutoring times. When the school had an in-service day, the principal required all the teachers (over 100) to tour the Virtue Quest house.

Enough? Don’t count on it. This partnership is strong. The church also started a free clothing closet for families in need that attend the school. Set in a portable classroom on the school’s campus, church and school families are contributing new and gently used clothes, coats, blue jeans, and hats/gloves. They named the clothing closet, the “Wolves Wardrobe,” after the school’s mascot.

Combining these two strong organizations has proven to do more than either one could’ve done alone. Our hats are off to both Macon-Hall Elementary, Virtue Quest, and Heartsong Church for proving just that.

A Team Effort


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