The BIG IDEA Experience

Oct 14

A Core Values School Assembly

22,400 elementary age kids.
60 elementary schools.

Those numbers alone sound a little intimidating.

But, when you have a mission, those numbers just give you chill bumps.
Debbie and Dan Kubish get chill bumps almost daily.


Debbie and Dan lead the children’s ministry at Newspring Church in Wichita, Kansas.
They dreamed about partnering with public schools in a way that would provide a positive impact for the administration, teachers and students.


So, how could a partnership work between a church and a public school?

The Big Idea Experience was born.

The Big Idea Experience is a fun and exciting school assembly that helps elementary kids learn about treating others right, making smart decisions, and maximizing their potential by teaching the Big Idea. The Big Idea is a secular Core Essential value that is important for kids to know. It’s a value that everyone can agree on. Each month, during the assembly, the focus is on a new Big Idea. The 45-minute program includes games, skits, music and lots of fun as part of the learning process.


The Kubish’s and their Big Idea Experience team partner with 60 elementary schools in the greater Wichita, Kansas community. EACH month, the over 22,000 students are entertained and taught about the Big Idea value either live in their school or via video.


What is the response from the schools and their students?
“The Big Idea Experience has done a wonderful job of coming to our school and teaching us some character lessons that our kids use every single day! Our students wish we could have these assemblies every single week!”
Shawn Springer
Principal: Christa McAuliffe Academy


We love having The Big Idea Experience coming to our school! It’s a great opportunity for our students to learn a lot of different character traits and have fun at the same time!
Lyle Dosser
Principal: Lincoln Elementary


“The kids had a great time! They learned about Responsibility in a fun way, and I know they’re going to use it to change their words!”
Mitzy Smith
, Principal: Clark Davidson Elementary


The “Big Idea Experience” scripts and production notes (also known as School XP scripts and production notes) are included in the web based Core, K- 5th grade curriculum.

The scripts and production notes are also available separately in the Core Essential Values Shop.

FREE through October – the Big Idea Experience SHOWS (yes, a shortened version of the actual video show) is available in the shop to share with your school.

Visit their fun website to learn more!

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