Today is the FIRST of many this 2012-2013 school year!

Aug 07

This morning we head to train our first of many schools this 2012-2013 school year. We are excited that it is in our own backyard and with a school we will be able to have an ongoing relationship with. Just because your school/staff may be miles or states away from us here in the Peach State, doesn’t mean however that we can’t have a great mentoring relationship with you as well. If something mentioned in these “Chronicles of a FIRST YEAR CE School” blog posts inspire you or make you desire a similar relationship, don’t hesitate to email or call us. It IS possible, no matter where you are.

When we return from our training we will give you all the juicy details of how it went. But here is the background story pertaining to this school and we are excited to invite you on this journey as we forge a relationship with a staff and leadership team that really wants to make a LASTING difference in the lives of kids.

Lyman Hall Elementary school is the largest elementary school in Hall County, Georgia. It serves over 800 students and is our most culturally diverse Title I school as well. In the past several years they have had several different principals. However, the staff turnover, or should we say lack there of, is admirable. Why? Why amidst leadership change over (and over, and over, etc.) and the massive challenges that poverty provides, would a group of teachers choose to stay? These are the questions I hope to have more concrete answers for as I develop relationships with this impressive staff.

I do believe I already have some insight though as to what the answers will be. You see many of my friends and family members teach at this school. And therefore, I know many of their hearts – authentically. It wouldn’t take long however for a stranger to note the same. These teachers LOVE these kids. They see the long term. They don’t have the here and now pressing in on them because they believe in the lasting value of their investment. It makes it all worth it in the end. They have staying power.

I am honored to add a bit of intentionality through the common language of Core Essentials. What they already do, birthed out of their hearts and passion for the children of Lyman Hall is admirable. Now to all be on the same page with the same tools will just bond their mission and make their purpose more cohesive and for that I am excited. Today we launch Core Essentials at Lyman Hall Elementary. Today they take a step towards creating a culture of lasting values. Inward attitudes becoming outward behaviors…here’s to the 2012-2013 school year!

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