We’re All Unique, Just Like Everyone Else

Oct 15

At some time in a child’s life, someone has had to explain to them that every person is different.  Every child is unique and that’s what makes them special.  These conversations happen every day in classrooms across the country.  It’s important.  We want to raise a generation that celebrates and values each other’s differences.

My family has a lot in common. We share DNA.  We share a home. We share a dinner table but not as often as we share the WIFI.  We share vacations, car rides, joys & heartaches.  And so on and so on.  Even though we’re connected by all these things, each one of us is still unique, right?

We’ve had countless conversations with our kids about celebrating the unique qualities of classmates, but I couldn’t remember having that same conversation about the differences of our family members.  I realized that with my family I just expect we know we’re all different and we can celebrate those qualities without having to have the real conversations.  Wait…what??? That doesn’t make any sense.

We know that no one has greater influence on a child than his or her family.  We also know that whether you’re a teacher, counselor, parent or grandparent, you’re all busy.  We can help!!  We’ve provided easy and fun resources specifically for families.

Want to take a break or need your kids to be quiet for a few minutes so you can breathe??  Play this fun 15 minute video from a live school assembly on Individuality!

Or, you can watch this music video and have the whole family singing these unique lyrics over and over and over and over….


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