What’s New With Us? So Glad You Asked…

Jun 24

We here at Core Essential Values are hard at work editing and designing this year’s curriculum. You’ll be able to see it for yourself in just a couple of weeks, but we’re too excited to wait for that! Here’s a list of a few things that are new or different this year in our bigger, better, most inclusive curriculum yet!

First, our value word will be called THE BIG IDEA each month. This makes it easy for you to ask students, “What’s the Big Idea?”, connects back to The Big 3, and matches up with our amazing school assembly program, called The Big Idea XPerience.

We are changing the way we label each component online each month to make them easier to find and download. When we are up and ready, you’ll get an email explaining that in detail. We will also make available a matrix that will show you where to find each component you are looking for each month.

What’s New?

  • What’s the Big Idea?: This is a short explanation of why the value matters – for you as a staff member and for the students with whom you work.
  • The Big Idea and the Big 3 (K-2 version): Each month, students can draw and write (as they are able) in this printable booklet. Provided are 3-4 pages each month to help younger students relate the value they are learning about to one (or more) of the Big 3 ideas.
  • The Big Idea and the Big 3 (3-5 version): For each month, you are given an idea for a student or group project based on the value and how it relates to one of the Big 3. Once the projects are completed, we hope you will share them with us! We can post them to our blog and social media sites so other schools and students can learn from your class projects.
  • The Big Idea and the Color: This brief explanation will clue you and your staff in on why the color is chosen each month.

You will also have all of our daily announcements, visual resources (including printable versions of the Re:Connect posters for older elementary classrooms), family resources and school assembly packages.

We’d love to hear from you! What are you excited about for this year? What do you hope for? How can we help you? Shoot us an email at info@coreessentials.org and let us know!

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