You’re A Rockstar, Preschool Teacher

Jul 01

Hey Preschool Teachers.

Yeah, all of you.

Do you know how awesome you are?

You are more than goldfish crackers and finger paint. You believe it’s important for kids to play, to make friends, to learn how to interact with others around them. You teach lessons in 3 seconds flat because wait, there’s a thunderstorm that just popped up and now you have to give out hugs. Plus, you’re going to seize this great opportunity to talk about weather and how the flowers outside are excited to have such a great drink of water from the sky. You’re fab and you don’t even miss a beat.

You never miss a teachable moments, because there’s a lot of them. And they move fast. But you’re a pro and you welcome them.

You don’t just give out hugs to kids, though, because sometimes you have to hug us moms, too. Some of us have never dropped our child off daily to be loved and watched over and cared for by anyone else. You don’t judge us when we pull up to car line with puffy eyes even though you know we’ve been ugly crying all the way to drop off that morning. Instead, you look at us with kind eyes and make us laugh through the tears. In your own amazing way, you remind us that we have to let them grow up. So we wave as those little feet jump out of the car and watch them run inside to see the teacher they love and talk about at home.

You don’t even mind when we hang out in the parking lot for a little bit scrolling through Facebook looking for other moms like us who ugly-cried too just so we can feel better about ourselves.

You fight for our kids, you fight for your preschool. You believe that it is important for them to go to kindergarten ready to tackle reading and writing and math but you teach them all those important things through play and music and art. My wall is covered with paintings and glue-covered popsicle sticks in the shape of a … duck maybe? I don’t care. Those things are better than any display at the museum and I display them so proudly, take pictures of them to post online, and send copies of them to grandparents. Because of you, I am totally THAT mom.

You matter to me and to my other mom [and dad] friends because you said YES

To imaginations and stories.
To play-doh and silly songs.
To mud pies and birthday parties.

Most importantly, you said ‘yes’ to future leaders, teachers, scientists, firemen, superheroes, and world-changers.


You are awesome.

Seedlings is a complete Character Education resource designed specifically for preschoolers age 2-5 that teaches Value Words in a fun and engaging format.  To learn more, contact Nikki Smalling.

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